Mr. Jeffrey Cowan

Mr. Cowan

Position Title
Logistics Technician

Military Science


Mr. Jeff Cowan was born in Sacramento and attended Rio Linda High School. He took a job as an aircraft mechanic at McClellan AFB when he turned 18. Mr. Cowan worked on A7, A10, F15, KC 135 and F111 Aircrafts. His work included working in the fuel tanks and systems of the aircraft, bead blasting and chemically stripping the interiors so that necessary repairs could be conducted. He worked at McClellan in this capacity from 1988 until 1996 when base closures came into effect and jobs began being relocated. In 1996, Mr. Cowan moved into supply as a GS7, but still worked at McClellan, working in transportation and basic supply. He held this job until 1999 when increased base closures forced him once again obtain a new job. During this time he was accepted to the California Correctional Officers Academy with an assignment to Folsom Prison in Folsom, and began his education to work in that field but the same year he was also placed in the Priority Placement Program and offered a job with the Defense Commissary Agency at McClellan. Mr. Cowan worked in this capacity from 1999 until 2005, at which time, due to more base closures and reduction in forces, came to work at UC Davis, Department of the Army ROTC. He started working as a Federal government employee in 1988 and plan to retire from his position at retirement age.