College Students

Freshman in College

As a freshman already on campus, joining ROTC is still an option. There are sometimes a handful of campus-based scholarships available. You must register for Military Science classes Introduction to Army Leadership, Introduction to Military Skills, and the leadership laboratory.

  • Campus Based Scholarships: Do not be discouraged if you are not initially awarded a national scholarship. There are sometimes a handful of campus-based scholarships available that the ROTC department can award. These may be four year scholarships or three year advance designee scholarships. These are similarly competitive. These campus based scholarships are normally awarded to the most well deserving cadets.

Sophomore in College

Complete them the traditional way during your freshman and sophomore years.

If your schedule will accommodate it, you may be able to take both the MS 1 and MS 2 classes during your sophomore year.

  • Completing Army Basic training will also fulfill the MS1 and MS2 requirements and prepare you for your third year.

  • Cadet Initial Entry Training (CIET) will also fulfill the requirement.

Scholarship Benefits

Below are the basic benefits if you obtain a scholarship.

  • Full tuition and fees OR Room and Board up to $10,000

  • Book Allowance: $1,200 per year

  • Monthly Stipend

    • Freshman: $300.00

    • Sophomore: $350.00

    • Junior:$ 450.00

    • Senior: $500.00