If you are curious about whether or not the Army is for you or you are ready to make a commitment, there is always some paperwork to do in the Army!  In order to enroll and participate in the program, you must complete all forms below.

1 CC 139-R: Cadet Application | ONLY FILL OUT THE FIRST TWO PAGES!! This is the most comprehensive form and is the one used to put you "in the system" and enroll you. You do not need to sign the loyalty oath unless you are a scholarship winner or will be contracting soon.
2 CC 137-R: Authorization for Access to Student Records | You will sign this form to authorize the ROTC Battalion to see your grades.  During the semester we will monitor your academic progress to ensure you are meeting requirements.  Part II of the form should only be signed if you do not want us to release your academic records to your parents. 
3 CC 136-R: Briefing on Government Sponsored Benefits | You will sign this form to acknowledge that you understand your rights if you are injured while participating in ROTC training.
4 DD 2005: Access to Health Care Records | Your signature on this form acknowledges you understand your right to privacy and the Army's need to have access to your medical records. 
5 DA 3425-R: Medical Fitness Statement | If you are going to participate in ROTC we need you to take this form to your doctor and have them annotate that you are healthy enough to participate in our training. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY BEGUN YOUR DODMERB PHYSICAL YOU DO NOT NEED THIS FORM.
6 Waiver of Liability
  Other essential documents needed for enrollment: copy of your birth certificate & social security card along with transcripts, marriage certificate and ACT/SAT Scores (if applicable)