ROTC Basic Camp

The Cadet Summer Training ROTC Basic Camp is a premier leadership program.
Cadets participate in the annual Joint Forces Training Exercise (JFTX) in Reno, Nevada. The training facilitates the presence of leadership and execution of Army tactics in an unfamiliar territory. Cadets from four different ROTC programs participate in this annual training event.

ROTC Basic Camp

The Cadet Summer Training Basic Camp is the premiere leadership program of its kind in the United States.  This intense four-week non-contractual training program is an introduction to Army life and leadership training for the Reserve Officers' Training Corps at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Basic Camp, is designed for college students typically between their sophomore and junior years and required for those who have not taken any required ROTC classes or have attended military Basic Training. Basic Camp aims to motivate and qualify Cadets for entry into the advanced phase of the ROTC program. Upon successful completion of the course, graduates can take part in the ROTC program at UC Davis as a third-year student in the four-year program.

While attending Basic Camp, Cadets gain an experience that runs the gamut of Army life and the responsibilities of being an officer. The course instills confidence and decision-making abilities to become a leader, in the Army and in life.

Basic Camp can be mentally grueling and physically taxing, but the reward of graduation and meeting Army standards is the opportunity to enroll in the world's greatest leadership program and to receive college tuition assistance.

Graduation from Basic Camp has been the first step in many successful officers' careers. Graduates have gone on to lead America's sons and daughters in fighting to preserve American democracy and freedoms or as a civilian serving in the boardrooms and offices of American business.

Check out the video below to hear about one of our own, Cadet Eddie Calderon, on his experience at Basic Camp as a Lateral Entry Cadet.